Author: kingbeealpacas

Sparkle at Dawn

My cousin Katherine is staying with us this month while she does a PA rotation, and this morning I think she got the best photograph of dearest small girl Sparkle. This shot basically sums up Sparkle’s personality perfectly. She is the first one to reach us when we come into the pasture, and she keeps… Read more »

May Day Baby: Pancho Villa Welcome to the World

This is our first “baby,” otherwise known as a cria, born on May 1. Happy birthday Pancho Villa! He is big and bouncy and curious. All of the girls seem to take a part in making sure Pancho is happy, and the guard llamas, Powderpuff and Gracie, are vigilant in keeping an eye (or a half eye) on… Read more »

Mother’s Day Arrival

Although it feels longer, in fact it’s only been a few frenzied months. Big G and I were sitting in the dentist’s chair (not in the same chair, our appointments were at the same time!) in early January and talking about our recent big move from East Atlanta to the farm in Fairburn. The discussion turned to… Read more »