Mother’s Day Arrival

Alpaca Day

Although it feels longer, in fact it’s only been a few frenzied months. Big G and I were sitting in the dentist’s chair (not in the same chair, our appointments were at the same time!) in early January and talking about our recent big move from East Atlanta to the farm in Fairburn. The discussion turned to what kind of animals we would get to populate 12 acres. I invoked my “no harvest” rule, and Dr. Carol Wolff (best dentist in Atlanta if you need one!) said, “How about alpacas?” Hmmm.

That began nightly internet research, books checked out from the library and multiple farm visits. We lost one herd during a nap (long story, big fight) and eventually bought our first group of four females (known as our foundation herd) from Tony and Theresa Pitts at Deepstep Creek Alpacas in Sandersville, Ga (thanks ya’ll!). Four became five when Lady Carmella gave birth on May 1 to little boy Pancho Villa. Five became six with our last-minute purchase of Senorita Sparkle (best point-of-purchase buy ever). And six is really eight because we also acquired two guard llamas, Powderpuff and Gracie, thanks to Southeast Llama Rescue and Deborah Logan.

All are acclimating nicely to new scenery, each other, and us. We’ll post more photos soon, but King Bee Alpacas is now officially open for business (and visitors — come see us!).

Quote for the day: Keep Calm and Alpaca On.