Life on the Farm

Hello and welcome!

In 2012 we started our farm when we were fortunate enough to purchase a beautiful 12 acres running along the Chattahoochee River, just south of Atlanta. We raise a well-loved herd of Suri alpacas along with two llamas, and we make beautiful small-batch artisan roving and yarn from their fiber.

We met as friends in East Atlanta when Kelly, doing yard work, accidentally unearthed a yellow jacket nest and was stung over 100 times. She called Glen, who was working up the street, for help when she found the swarm had followed her into the house. He exterminated the culprits with a concoction made with under-the-sink cleaning products, put a box of frozen peas on her bites and let her know that she probably wouldn’t feel like cooking that night so he’d be back to take her out to eat (little did he know she almost never felt like cooking, bites or no). The rest is history — and yellow jackets became the friendlier bees — and we left the city for the country and King Bee Farm was born.

Bringing you farm-fresh fiber for your knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving projects is what we love. And, yes, we also produce seasonal honey from Glen’s beehives.

– Glen and Kelly Vann