Late Summer at the Farm

Star Lily and Star MagnoliaBaby Boy Alpaca
The dog days of summer have arrived at the farm. Alpacas like nothing more than a hose-bath in this kind of weather. Some of the shyest, most laid back of the “pac” are veritable bullies when the hose turns on. We have some new alpacas on the farm (because alpacas are like potato chips, they seem to add up). We needed another male alpaca to be be a buddy to Pancho when we was finally weaned. Instead of one, we ended up with three: Talon, Twist of Fate and Everest (thank you to our friends at Timberlake Farms). In that group we also got a mother/baby combo of Fiesta and Hot Fudge and another female named Butterfly. On March 15, Cocobean gave birth to an apaloosa male we named Julius Ceasar — Ides of March and all. In April we had all the alpacas sheard and I’ve been skirting fiber (cleaning out the hay and debris in order to send it on to be processed into yarn). And on May 2, Star Lily gave birth to Star Magnolia, and she is bright white and gorgeous just like her mother. The bees are doing well and the honey harvest will be in the next couple of weeks. Life on the farm also means looking forward to the next season and in this case fall will bring with it (we hope) the fall births (or how did Hershey do with the ladies?). And follow us on Instagram now — #kingbeefarm!