Bye bye stud!


This is Hershey. We had Hershey for one month. He was our first (leased) herdsire. The ladies went wild for Hershey. They thought he was better than a box of chocolates.

Put down your romance novel, animal husbandry is not for the faint of heart. Not five minutes into being led into the all-female field (save baby Pancho) ladies fell to their knees left and right of the fella, waiting their turn. No one blushed. Okay, I blushed.

After a few uncomfortable locker room jokes, you have to push past any discomfort and get right in there and make sure everything is, well, connecting properly. That no tail fiber is getting in the way. That the gentleman hasn’t, um, missed his mark. It was quite a site to behold. Being first-timers and all.

Thank you to RFSS Peruvian Hershey’s owners, Georigan Oaks Farm and Suki Farms. For their trust in us to have him on our farm and the lessons on what to do and what to look for.

He was a perfect gentleman. Well, we hope not perfectly gentlemanly, but you know. Now we wait. For gorgeous alpaca babies in the fall. We learned a lot. The ladies all gathered at the gate as he settled into his trailer and all hummed a sad goodbye. Until next time, they hoped!